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Rocco Rossi -13 Caminos and still counting!

January 18, 2022 Leigh Brennan Season 2 Episode 4
The Camino Cafe
Rocco Rossi -13 Caminos and still counting!
Show Notes

Canadian Pilgrim, Rocco Rossi, has walked The Camino thirteen times!  His first walk was to help him process the grief he felt after the untimely loss of his best friend and business partner. Rocco, while struggling to deal with this tragic loss, luckily came across a  newspaper article about The Camino at one of his lowest points.  A week or so later, he was headed to walk that first of thirteen Caminos. Rocco’s entire outlook on life and work completely changed after becoming a Pilgrim.  During this talk, you will hear several wonderful stories about his Caminos, the various routes he's walked, the folks he met along the way, and his first time leaving stones at Cruz de Ferro. Most inspiring to me is how the Camino helped him process his grief, transform his life,  and how he is now paying it forward. Rocco says the  Camino reignited his inner light.  I hope you enjoy listening to our conversation. Please share it with a friend that hopes to walk a Camino.

Here’s a link to Albergue de Peregrinos Duesos. This is the Albergue Rocco mentions that his dear Pilgrim friends recently opened on The Camino Norte:

Here's a link to The Camino Cafe's intro and outro song that Rocco mentions in the interview. Many thanks to Pilgrim, Jackson Maloney, for giving us the credit to use the song he wrote  upon arrival at Finisterre. 

Original Song  -  "Finnis Terre"  - written and performed by Jackson Maloney - Pilgrim, Singer, Musician, and Songwriter.

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