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96 - John Brierley - Ch 5 - "Integration and Bringing the Camino Home - The Docuseries

September 29, 2023 Leigh Brennan Episode 96
The Camino Cafe
96 - John Brierley - Ch 5 - "Integration and Bringing the Camino Home - The Docuseries
Show Notes

Can we truly bring the transformative power of a pilgrimage into our everyday lives? Our guest today, John Brierley, the celebrated Camino Guidebook author, believes it's not only possible but also essential. John candidly shares his experiences on the Camino, highlighting the shift from fear to love it can bring about and the importance of taking time post-journey for reflection and integration.

Moving on from personal stories, John presents an engaging proposition of how we can bring the Camino home. He talks about infusing our regular lives with the sense of love, kindness, purpose, and direction discovered during the pilgrimage. John implores us to tap into resources and communities that can facilitate our transformation, like the Camino organizations in our home countries and podcasts like the Camino Cafe. Underpinning his entire conversation is a powerful sentiment that our life is a Camino, a pilgrimage we're constantly on. Tune in and be inspired to carry your own Camino in your everyday life.

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