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94 - John Brierley - Ch 3 - "The Camino: A Path of Self Inquiry" - The Docuseries

September 13, 2023 Leigh Brennan Episode 94
The Camino Cafe
94 - John Brierley - Ch 3 - "The Camino: A Path of Self Inquiry" - The Docuseries
Show Notes

Have you ever yearned for a journey that goes beyond physical travel, delving instead into the realm of self-discovery and existential exploration?  In this short message, John Brierley,  paints a vivid picture of such a journey – the Camino and its transformative potential. Known for the profound impact it's had on countless individuals, the Camino serves as a unique space to step back from the noise of everyday life, encouraging us to pose existential questions that often get overshadowed by our daily routines. John highlights the power of self inquiry, and how the very act of questioning our identity can have a cathartic effect.

As the conversation with John unfolds, we touch upon the fears and challenges that come with embarking on this path of self-discovery. We discuss the courage it takes to question our identities and beliefs, and the beauty of embracing a state of being 'lost.' This transformative journey is not without its hardships, but it is within the supportive environment of the Camino community that we find the strength to let go of our prejudices and preferences. We conclude with a thought-provoking quote from the third patriarch of Zen emphasizing the importance of freeing ourselves from our biases. Join us for this enlightening discussion with John Brieley about seeking and finding our true selves through the Camino journey.

Watch the video version filmed on location in Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

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