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92 - John Brierley - Ch 2 - "The Camino: A Path of Self-Discovery" - The Docuseries

August 13, 2023 Leigh Brennan Episode 92
The Camino Cafe
92 - John Brierley - Ch 2 - "The Camino: A Path of Self-Discovery" - The Docuseries
Show Notes

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Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey within yourself? Tune in as we share a profound chat with John Brierly on our docuseries at Camino Cafe. This insightful discussion, "The Path of Self-Discovery," explores how the Camino journey can stimulate profound personal growth and self-realization. John's profound insights emphasize the significance of stepping into unfamiliar territories, which can lead us to unveil a profound version of ourselves, buried under layers of ego and life dramas.

In this intriguing discourse, John beautifully narrates the tussle between the egoic self and the higher self, underlining the need to diminish the egoic self to truly understand and accept our higher self. He quotes Thomas Merton, asserting that the journey within ourselves is the most vital of all explorations. We aspire to navigate the deeper essence of our beings through this conversation and discuss the role of the Camino in this life-altering process. So come along as we venture on this all-important journey of self-discovery. Remember, the journey is a continuous one, extending way beyond the Camino.

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