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86 - Gabriel's Camino - A hero's journey fueled by an unstoppable team from around the world

April 28, 2023 Leigh Brennan Episode 86
The Camino Cafe
86 - Gabriel's Camino - A hero's journey fueled by an unstoppable team from around the world
Show Notes

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This interview was filmed on location outdoors in Santiago. Please excuse the background noise!

Imagine achieving the unthinkable. Refusing to let a diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy stop you. This is Gabriel’s Camino.  A 4-year quest to achieve a dream even when the odds were against him. He, along with his trusted and dedicated teacher, Kym, set out to accomplish what few would even try. Together, they assembled an international team of pilgrims who put aside their own goals to help Gabriel reach his. As a team, they overcame numerous obstacles to complete the ancient 500-mile pilgrim path from St. Jean Pied de Port, France to Santiago de Compostela, Spain via the Camino Francés.  Few thought they could do it.  Yet, with faith, courage, and determination, Gabriel and his team proved that we are all capable of being unstoppable.  There wasn’t a dry eye in the cathedral plaza when they arrived.  Filmed in Santiago, just hours after their arrival, you’ll hear team leaders, two key team members, and finally, Gabriel share their emotional reactions to completing their 4-year quest.  Prepare to be inspired, to cry, and to cheer for this hero and his team. It will mean so much to Gabriel if you comment on this interview with congratulatory comments and give this interview a "thumbs up"!  Please share the link to this interview with your friends as I think we all could use a little inspiration right now!

BONUS - Meet Gabriel and Kym in person at our live online event! We will celebrate and then catch up with them to see how this journey has impacted them months after. The live event is at 4:00 pm EST tomorrow (Saturday, April 29th, 2023). 

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Time Markers for Interview:
0:00 - Welcome from Leigh
1:06 - Team Leads, Kym & Susan
20:07 - Team members, Nick & Robin
28:08 - This episode's featured guest, Gabriel Tempest

Thanks to Gabriel, Kym, and the entire team for allowing us to present their story.

Timothy Ringering - Thank you for all you did to make this interview happen and look so beautiful!
OP Forever xo

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