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Camino Croatia and Camino Frances with Vedran and Pia

March 03, 2023 Leigh Brennan Season 4 Episode 9
The Camino Cafe
Camino Croatia and Camino Frances with Vedran and Pia
Show Notes

After this interview, all I can think about it walking a Camino in Croatia! I think you'll see why after you meet Vedran Prazen, an eight-time Camino veteran, and Pia Veronika Klinac, a 15-year-old first-time Pilgrim in this interview. recorded in Santiago. Vedran is one of the key people involved in revitalizing the Croatian Camino paths. His personal story is so inspiring from overcoming major health challenges to falling in love on the Camino! His insights on how the Camino is like "getting to peek into the keyhole of paradise" and how the walk feels like an "internal shower" are beautiful descriptions of what it's like to walk a Camino. History buffs will also love hearing about the findings of Pilgrim traditions in Croatian dating back to 1203 AD!  Pia shares some delightful insights on what it was like to walk as a 15-year-old, with her Mom, and with the Croatian group. I found her to be wise beyond her years and it was such a joy to spend time with her. I hope you enjoy meeting Vedran and Pia as much as I did! 

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