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64 - Tara Marlow - Camino Wandering

October 12, 2022 Leigh Brennan Episode 64
The Camino Cafe
64 - Tara Marlow - Camino Wandering
Show Notes

Tara Marlow - Camino Wandering, available on Amazon. 

From Leigh - Through walking a Camino we see firsthand that we can trust in abundance vs scarcity….that there’s enough for all of us. There’s no shortage of Camino Magic or Camino Angles for we Pilgrims. There will be a place to sleep, a cafe for a warm cafe con Leche, the strength found to finish a tough climb, courage rising up to help you go on when your body just wants to quit, just a kilometer or so down the road something will help you keep going. 

There are no limits on how a Camino can help you transform or heal nor any limit on the number of Pilgrims that can receive some healing or be transformed through a Camino.  We don’t know exactly how or when it will transform us, maybe during our walk, or maybe it takes a second walk, or it happens after you get home and process it all but we can have faith that with an open heart the Camino will provide.

During our Camino we may very well be the magic or the one providing…maybe just the sharing of your story helps another pilgrim feel less alone in the world as you bond over a common life hardship, maybe we go on to start a non-profit like Rocco, Sister Katherine….or maybe we go home with the strength to deal with a difficult situation that must be sorted out, or maybe we will write a book about our Camino that will inspire others like our guest today, Tara Marlow,  did.  

Either way know….If you walk….all is possible. Not just for some pilgrims, but for all pilgrims and for you too!  Tara “s story will show you just that. She's originally from Sydney, Australia but spent 20 years working in the US until she became a full-time traveler and travel writer.  She is currently based in Tasmania. I am so inspired by her life journey and how the Camino played into where she is today in life. She had a dream to walk the Camino solo after leaving an amazing but extremely stressful career. That walk led to a second Camino and then to the publishing of a fictional Camino book that focuses on characters many of us can relate to.  Tara’s story, her energy, and her wisdom really resonated with me. I think it may resonate with you as well. Please join me at The Camino Cafe table as we hear Tara share her story in her own words. After you listen to this episode check out behind-the-scenes footage on YouTube of this interview plus the bonus video content where we played 20 Camino Questions available here on our podcast and on our YouTube channel.

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