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Camino Companions - Sister Katherine O'Flynn

September 30, 2022 Leigh Brennan Season 3 Episode 1
The Camino Cafe
Camino Companions - Sister Katherine O'Flynn
Show Notes

Welcome to Season 3(0:00 -5:49)

I’ve been working hard to bring you some great pilgrim stories from Pilgrims all around the world for season 3.  

I do this podcast because I believe we learn best through telling our stories and hearing each other’s stories. It is through this story sharing that I hope to inspire listeners and viewers to walk their first Camino or maybe a 6th or 7th Camino. When I record an episode, I treat it like it’s just the Pilgrim and I out walking on the Camino. I don’t send out questions ahead. Everything is organic conversation just like it is when we walk the Camino. 

One of the greatest gifts we can receive while we walking is for another pilgrim to hold space for us to share our story and then in turn for us to hold space so a pilgrim can share their story with us.  I am so grateful to you for listening to the stories shared here on the podcast as you are holding space for everyone that is interviewed as they share their stories here. I hope along the way of each episode you learn some new and helpful things, that you are entertained at times but more than anything I hope if you haven’t yet walked that this inspires you to walk and if you’ve already walked, I hope it brings back memories of your own Camino and keeps your Camino Spirit burning bright and strong until you walk again.

Sister Katherine O'Flynn: (5:50-57:00)

How many of us choose to walk when we are at a crossroads in life?  Maybe we walk to find ourselves again after we experience loss or we have a major change in our life or a decision that needs to be made. Today’s premier episode with Sister Katherine O’Flynn is a perfect example of this and also the power of how the Camino can transform your life and possibly lead you on a new journey where you can be of service in the world. 

That very thing happened for Sister Katherine as the idea of Camino Companions formed from her Camino as she walked to ponder the next chapter in life. Camino Companions is an amazing resource here in Santiago de Compostela for all English-speaking Pilgrims. Their space is in the Pilgrim Office where you get your Compostela. To visit with them, you just need to let the guard at the front door of the Pilgrim Office know you are there to see them or attend the Pilgrim Mass in the Pilgrim Office Chapel. They are located on the 2nd floor in Office 6.  They are from around Easter through the end of October. Pilgrim Mass is offered year-round unless Father Manny is out of town.

They offer many services which we discussed during the interview including tea following the Pilgrim Mass in English with Father Manny. Mass and the services offered by Camino Companions are provided every day except on Wednesdays. Mass is at 10:30 am and tea is served upstairs right after. Camino Reflection circles are held at 3 pm in the Camino Companion space. If you enjoy this conversation, I hope you will share it with anyone you know who is planning on walking a Camino. It would be wonderful to help other English-speaking pilgrims be aware of these supportive services available right here in Santiago after completing their Caminos.

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