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Efrén González - the amazing Pilgrim behind all those Camino Videos we adore!

June 10, 2022 Leigh Brennan Season 2 Episode 21
The Camino Cafe
Efrén González - the amazing Pilgrim behind all those Camino Videos we adore!
Show Notes

Efrén González needs no introduction to anyone probably listening to this episode. Efren is one of the most well-known and loved Camino ambassadors out there! He’s been filming Camino routes for years happily educating and entertaining us all the while. I caught up with him in Santiago as he was beginning his 3D filming project for The Camino Frances. I found him to be just as gracious and humble as he is in his videos.  My goal going into the interview was to learn more about Efren as a Pilgrim and what it’s like behind the scenes when he films.  I think the interview captured this and so much more. I hope you enjoy getting him and hearing us as we recorded around this magical city of Santiago de Compostela. Thanks to Sharon Brothers and Timothy Ringering for helping and participating in this special interview for The Camino Cafe.  I am so grateful to Efren for so kindly accepting my interview request, letting us hang out with him as he filmed,  and for helping me put together the audio tracks for this interview. Thanks to you our listeners for your interest in the work we are doing here at The Camino Cafe. I hope you enjoy what we put together with Efrén for you! If you like this interview, please share it and give the podcast a 5-Star Rating on Apple podcasts! 

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