The Camino Cafe

Bob Scheidt - Diabetes Crusader

April 25, 2022 Leigh Brennan Season 2 Episode 17
The Camino Cafe
Bob Scheidt - Diabetes Crusader
Show Notes

This episode is dedicated to the hope of a cure being found for Diabetes 1. Bob has dedicated his life to showing how he has not just lived with Diabetes but has learned to thrive with it. As the Diabetes Crusader, he has walked thousands and thousands of miles to bring awareness to Diabetes 1 and 2. He lives his life in a way to demonstrate how one can manage diabetes and still do the things one loves.   In this interview, you will hear how he has logged all of his mileage while successfully managing Diabetes 1 on the Camino. I never realized the extra work involved and the additional weight one must carry while managing diabetes and walking long distances. I hope the information he provides in this interview inspires others with Diabetes to walk the Camino if it is a dream of theirs.   It was a joy meeting Bob in person and filming this interview on location in Santiago.  Buen Camino!

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