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Suzanne Maggio - Estrellas you meet on the Camino

December 20, 2021 Leigh Brennan Season 2 Episode 3
The Camino Cafe
Suzanne Maggio - Estrellas you meet on the Camino
Show Notes

Felices Fiestas from Rabanal del Camino and The Camino Cafe! See the notes below for the names of Albergue and Cafe owners in the opening of today’s interview. I’m so happy to post this interview that is so full of hope, love, and light as we close out 2021.  Suzanne, Camino Pilgrim, social worker, teacher, and writer, offered so much wisdom about walking the Camino. What started as a way to “reset” at age 60, turned into way more than Suzanne ever anticipated. So much so, she wrote a book  to help her process the amazing journey she started in St. Jean. Many times during this interview, I just wanted to stop, and, as they say, “drop the mic”. I found her insights and the way she articulated them so profound. I can’t wait to read her book about walking the Camino Frances and how the connections she made along the way turned into moments of wondrous illumination. Buen Camino! 

Thanks to podcast friend and supporter, Mark Krahling, for introducing me to Suzanne! 

Thanks to the residents of Rabanal del Camino for so warmly welcoming me to the village. They are so eager to see everyone in 2022! In order of appearance:
La Posada de Gaspar - Nati 
La Taberna del Pueblo Rabanal del Camino - Adrian, Maria Jose, Angel 
Tienda la Despensa - Susana  
El Refugio Hosteria - Cristina 
La Candela Hostal-Restaurante -  Monica and Rosa
Albergue Nuestra Señora del Pilar - Isabel 
Monasterio de San Salvador del Monte Irago - Father Juan Antonio 
Albergue Nuestra Señora del Pilar - Esperanza

Please come visit us in Rabanal as you walk through our lovely village in the heart of the Camino Frances! 

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Estrellas - Moments of Illumination Along El Camino de Santiago

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